Karen Karatyan visits St Sargis Church in Tehran and sums up his visit’s outcome with community members


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In conclusion of his official visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran, Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan visited the St Sargis Armenian Church in Tehran.

The Head of Government was welcomed by Primate of the Tehran Diocese, His Eminence T. Sepuh S. Arch. Sargsyan and the representatives of the Armenian community. The meeting stressed the importance of the Prime Minister’s visit to Iran, expressing confidence that it would promote the further development and strengthening of Armenian-Iranian ties.

As he summed up the results of the visit, Karen Karapetyan noted that he had had constructive and productive talks with the Iranian authorities, which could give fresh impetus to bilateral economic cooperation and help increase trade turnover. The Prime Minister noted that they had discussed energy, agriculture, tourism, free economic zones, as well as regional cooperation issues.

“We had an open dialogue and effective negotiations. We are confident that there is great potential for the development of bilateral economic cooperation. Iran is importing many goods from different countries, which are produced in Armenia. We can add momentum to our mutually beneficial relations through the free economic zone to be set up in Meghri,” the Prime Minister said.

Touching upon the ties with the Armenian community, Karen Karapetyan said to be highly appreciative of the ongoing cooperation and, first of all, Iranian Armenians’ involvement in various spheres by means of management culture, experience exchange and investment programs.

Primate of the Tehran Diocese, His Eminence T. Sepuh S. Arch. Sargsyan wished the Armenian government effective and successful initiatives. 

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